Research groups and projects

This is an overview of research groups and projects within the field of English studies in Norway.

We encourage you to contact us with additions to the list. Please use our contact form and provide a one or two-pararaph description of your project or group, contact details and a website hyperlink, if applicable.

BHSN (INN/network)

The Bergen-Hamar Research Group is a network for academics from throughout the world working in the fields of Early Modern literature and drama, and their framing and reconfiguration through adaptation, the pictorial arts, translation and more.

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The leader of the network is Svenn-Arve Myklebost

Literature and Religion (UiB)

The UiB Literature & Religion Research Group provides an inclusive forum for all levels of researchers who are working on aspects of literature and religion in a variety of institutes and departments. We seek to probe the interfaces of writing and belief across broad spectrums of time, geography, and language: from ancient Egypt to modern England, from medieval Arabic to early modern German, from occult alchemical texts to colonial American Puritan texts. By bringing into conversation our work on seemingly disparate peoples and places we aim to gain new ways of understanding how literature and religion intersect. 

Open to interested scholars from any field – religious studies, literature, history, archaeology, etc – this research group will enable the kind of reflection that results from learning about different cutting-edge approaches to similar material. How can formal literary methods energize theological discourse, for instance? How can theories of religion refresh poetics? What new frontiers of understanding can be opened by reaching outside our individual disciplines? The interdisciplinary setting will encourage new questions and different challenges to established theories and methodologies.

Through various forms of scholarly conversations, this research group will forge new connections throughout and beyond UiB, in order to nurture innovative scholarship and a constructive scholarly community.

Nord Research Group for Children’s Literature in ELT

The Nord Research Group for Children’s Literature in ELT aims to deepen interdisciplinary and international connections for children’s literature in language teaching. Our projects embrace children’s literature, education and English Language Teaching (ELT) research. Empowered language learners need a rich learning environment that promotes challenging reading, cognitive engagement, in-depth learning and mental flexibility. The research group is the forum for the open access journal Children’s Literature in English Language Education (CLELEjournal, which is edited at Nord University.

The projects in this research group are positioned as dialogue between children’s literature and educational research (litteraturdidaktikk), applied linguistics, and English subject pedagogy (engelsk fagdidaktikk).
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The research group leader is Professor Janice Bland

TransLit (NTNU)

Founded in 2018, the research group “TransLit: Sustainable Ethics, Affects, and Pedagogies” is led by Libe García Zarranz (English, Department of Teacher Education, NTNU). TransLit considers the understudied relationship between sustainability and literature, particularly transnational writing in English from feminist, queer, and trans perspectives. The notion of sustainability runs the risk of becoming “another consumer desirable” (Saussy 2012). In turn, this line of research proposes an ethics of sustainability through the lens of writers and poets such as Kai Cheng Thom, Emma Donoghue, Vivek Shraya, Shani Mootoo, and angela rawlings. In different but related ways, their work portrays how communities who are rendered unproductive and debilitated—migrants, refugees, transgender children and youth—are often relegated outside the script of sustainability by a dominant politics of indifference. Simultaneously, these narratives can be employed as valuable pedagogical resources, working as vehicles for inclusion from which to promote alternative modes of feeling, while simultaneously counteracting gender and racial discrimination in the classroom. You can find information about the conferences, publications, and other events we have organized in our website:

TIC- Texts, Interpretations, Cultures (UiA)

Translation and communication across languages and cultures has taken on a new urgency in response to recent geopolitical, and technological challenges. Digitisation, immigration, globalisation, have led to the rise of new modes of communication, changing translation practises, the diversification of identity negotiations in institutional settings, and new ways of thinking about text production and consumption. TIC hopes to provide a space for scholars working in cognitive and socio-linguistics, translation studies, literary analysis, and ethnography to work together on issues and projects addressing cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, cross-linguistic …and interstellar…. communications.

The research group leader is Professor Stephen Dougherty